Learning Elliott Wave Analysis or Elliott Wave Theory is not tough but you need a mentor who guides you at every step to figure out the confusions and difficulties. You will find some confusion at start but can be easily eliminated by perfect guidance.

I receive many questions everyday from my followers by Mail, Facebook and Phone regarding questions about Elliott Wave Theory. After analyzing all their queries I figured out why they find difficulties to learn this most reliable analyzing method even after years of practice. After figuring out the difficulties I am going to show why you must learn Elliott Wave Analysis from an experienced trainer.

Most of the famous books you find on Amazon or other online sources on Elliott Wave principles are written by foreign authors and analysts. Their style of writing English and explanation is quite tough to understand by average Indian User.  And once you bought book there is no further support to clear your confusions and doubts. Some of books are written some year back with very limited examples on charts and some books covered just basics and fundamentals of EWT but lacks practical application. You will find it very tough to compare the examples given on book with real time charts.

There are many such problems that come in your way of smooth and practical learning of Elliott Wave Analysis and finally you give up saying that EWT is confusing. Even if you attend 8 days live training course paying more than Rs. 10000, you find it difficult in future as you cannot master Elliott Wave Theory in just 8 days.

So, let me show how we can help you to learn Elliott Wave Theory in easier, smoother and practical way.

I prepared my book “Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar” in very simple English and well arranged manner with lots of real time examples for every condition and pattern. I eliminated most of the unwanted Philosophy part and focused on only practical part that you only need for analyzing, making predictions, calculating levels, and making trade and Investments.

I know, it is not easy to learn by just reading information and examples on book. Even if you try, it takes long time to get familiar with the reality. I am providing regular analysis reports of Index and stocks on live market regularly for 02 months. It is easy to take previous chart and figure out previous patterns which are already completed but challenging part is to predict next formation of pattern well before it happen. Advance prediction can only make you able to make money.

After understanding EWT principles through my book, you will apply it on live chart. But if you feel any doubt or confusion you need not to worry because you will get my analysis report with application of Elliott Wave principles on same chart with detailed explanation. You have option to cross check your counts and also to see the results next day if it worked or not, and what was the fault if it didn’t work. My analysis reports will give you great support for practical and fast learning. You will also see formations and identification of patterns on live charts through my analysis reports and there is no other best way to learn other than observing the pattern forming live. You will learn faster and will gain live experience at the same time.

Beside daily analysis reports, you are Free to ask me any doubts or any confusion anytime by any means of communication. I am available on Phone, WhatsApp, Email and Facebook. There may be some delay in replying sometime but I always reply the queries.  You are  not buying a book on Amazon where you don’t know the author personally but you are buying a complete course from a real person whom you already know through his regular analysis reports and updates on his website and Facebook.

You also have option to check my knowledge and abilities through my live analysis reports on my website to make decisions. You can read my reports, observe results and decide yourself if analysis method I am claiming on my book really works or not. Even you can use analysis reports on my website for learning. Just scroll down my website when you find any confusion and you will definitely find solution of your problem there.

You can communicate directly with the author of book anytime. I don’t have any manger to speak to my clients and I answer all the queries myself. You will definitely get satisfactory answer of your questions regarding Elliott Wave Theory as you will get answer directly from the author of book.

As you paid me for the book, I am bound to provide you support for life time. Once you buy my book I will add you in my life time updates group. I am continuous researcher and will send regular updates of my research for life time without any extra cost. Not only for 02 month, but even you call me after a year regarding any query I will reply as you are my life time customer.

You can call me anytime without hesitation as I am just like you and can speak both Hindi and English unlike foreign authors and training website those are not comfortable with Hindi or Indian English style.

These are some points I wanted you to know before buying any book on Elliott Wave Theory or any course subscription. Otherwise you are the better judge to decide yourself.

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