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NSE stocks day trading techniques by Deepak Kumar is a ebook coverperfect course, guide or mentor for traders who likes day/short term trading in Indian Stock Market and want to be master of stocks day trading by their own. This eBook will not teach you Technical Analysis like reading chart patterns, technical indicators, EW waves, OI, RSI, MACD etc but will show you the simple, effective and proven methods of day trading in Indian stocks for high profit with low risk, that are the result of 8 years of experience and continuous observations. We will not teach analyzing stocks but will teach you how to day trade in stock market. These techniques really works and are much more effective, low risk and faster than other analyzing methods. 

You Need This eBook: –

  • If you are new in stock trading and don’t have knowledge of technical analysis, trading patterns and complex trading methods.
  • If  you still depend on other’s advice and paid stocks trading tips but still facing losses
  • If you are planning to enter your first step in stock trading business
  • If you are already in stocks trading but don’t have time and resources to read chart patterns and other time consuming methods
  • Even if you are a broker but your clients are making wrong trades, facing losses and discontinuing trading. (Just gift your clients to grow your business and revenue) 

Deepak Kumar is providing unique, easy, simple but most effective techniques to predict intraday trend of NSE stocks in minutes, finding intraday entry and exit levels, predicting intraday price movement of stocks and finding profitable stocks for day trading every day with easy and simple methods that even a beginner can understand easily and apply.

Some salient features this course are: –

  • Written and explained in simple and plain English with screen shots and examples that even a first day trader can understand.
  • No need of studying time consuming and complex methods like chart patterns, EW, technical indicators, and complex calculations.
  • You will be able to find 2-3 stocks daily at 9:30AM capable of 1-4% intraday profit with low risk.
  • It takes only 10-15 minutes to find intraday trend, predict price movement, finding entry levels/stoploss and making low risk trading decision.
  • You will be able to scan and analyze 10-15 stocks at a time.
  • You just need a mobile phone or PC with internet to access “ Website” or “Moneycontrol Application” and you can analyze anytime and anywhere.
  • Techniques and methods are the result of 8 years of personal experience and we can bet that you will not find such simple and effective technique anywhere else even if you spend 10000s of rupees.

We are not going to teach you chart patterns, MACD and RSI and Double Top or Double Bottom or Fibbonacci or Pivot Points, Open Interest or anything like that, we just show you the simple techniques and methods to identify general intraday trend of a particular stock  and to initiate low risk trade with small stoploss. And it needs just 10 minutes by just watching the screen of your mobile or PC.

You will get “NSE Stocks Day Trading Techniques by Deepak Kumar” in the form of 21 pages eBook (900 KB) in PDF format  which can be downloaded and read on any mobile phone and PC. It is written and explain in such easy English with Screenshots, Images and Examples that even a beginner can understand and apply easily.

Topics covered in this eBook are: –

FINDING INTRADAY / VERY SHORT TERM TREND IN MINUTES: – This chapter will explain how to find intraday/short term trend and predict price movement of particular stock in 5 minutes by just observing price movement on “” website OR “Moneycontrol Application” which is absolutely free. After reading this chapter, you will be able to find short term trend of any NSE stock in minutes and you can predict the trend of more than 10 stocks at a time.
 9:30 STOCKS TRADING STRATEGIES: – In Indian Stock Market (NSE and BSE), 9:30 is the crucial time when most of the action happens, it is the time which decides how the stocks will react for rest of the day and 9:30 is the time when maximum of trading opportunities are available and small intraday traders like you and me can take quick profits of these opportunities.
This chapter will explain how to select 2 or 3 best  stocks for intraday trading that have possibility to deliver give good profit in next 1-3 hours, how to find entry levels and how to trade them for maximum profit with minimum risk. These strategies works most of the time in normal market conditions.
INTRADAY TRADING WITH SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVELS: – This chapter will explain easy and simple way to find support and resistance levels of any stock in minutes by using readily available resources and without any complex calculation. And also explains how to confirm if stock price will break support or resistance OR reverse from these levels so that you can make safe and perfect trading decision at support and resistances.
INTRADAY JACKPOT TRADING STRATEGIES : – Stocks give awesome opportunity to earn handsome profit sometimes. Particular stock gives 5-10% intraday moves sometimes and there are opportunities to get jackpot profit if you can identify and catch that stock before action. This chapter will explain the techniques to identify those stocks before action and strategies to trade on them for JACKPOT PROFITS with Minimum Risk.
TOP 20 HIGH VOLUME STOCKS FOR SAFE INTRADAY TRADING: – It needs Volatile, High Volume and Reputed stocks that cannot be easily manipulated by operators for safe and low risk intraday trading. This chapter will give the list of 20 best suitable stocks for day trading with suggested stop loss, targets and trading quantity so that you can add these in your watch list.
AVOID LOSS GROW PROFIT EVERYDAY WITH DISCIPLINE INTRADAY TRADING: – No matter how good you at analyzing stocks or how good analyst you are but, if you don’t be disciplined and consistent on your strategies and rules, the only one thing you will achieve, that is LOSS. This chapter will explain some very important facts and rules you need to follow for safe and profitable trading.
Reader are advised to go through the idea and techniques explain in the book and then observe stock’s price movement for a week accordingly. And trade only if you observe that the techniques are working in your favor.

You can get  “NSE Stock Day Trading Techniques by Deepak Kumar” by paying onetime cost of Rs. 1100/- only

Deposit amount in any of our BANK Account and send us payment details and your current email, you will get this eBook within 6 hours by email after payment confirmation.

Remember: –

  • Institution and experts charges Rs. 8000 to 40000 for just 2-6 hours workshop on Technical analysis but still you can’t understand completely as its need minimum 2 years of trading experience.
  • Other Technical Analysis Courses teaches complex techniques like chart patterns and technical indicators etc which even if you understand you need costly resources to analyze it.
  • Paid Stock Tips Advisors charges Rs.5000-25000 per month but still you face losses just because you trade on their advice blindly without any knowledge and confirmation.

But “NSE Stocks Day Trading Techniques ” is exploring unique methods of day trading. If you refer these techniques 2-3 times and practice for a week, you will be able to initiate trade confidently with low risk reward.

  •  You will not have need to ask anyone for any stock trading related queries, advice and tips again.
  • And you will trade with confidence after that as you will have general idea where stock price is going to move every second.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned above, no matter how good you are at analyzing the stocks, success in trading needs great discipline and practical experience.  So, the techniques explained in book works most of the time but accuracy depends upon the perception and discipline of individual trader/analyst. Result may not be the same for two different individuals and the techniques which worked in past may not work for future. So, this book is not promising any sure shot profit but proving techniques based on tested observations to get general idea of stock trends and make conscious low risk high rewards trades. So, Reader are advised to go through the idea and techniques explain in the book and then observe stock’s price movement for a week accordingly. And trade only if you observe that the techniques are working in your favor.


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