Nifty Analysis Reports Daily

Detailed and explained Elliott Wave Analysis Report of Nifty clearly presented on charts with wave counts and expected levels.

Elliott Wave Analysis of Nifty explained in very simple language indicating expected Near Term Nifty Price Movement, Trend Reversal Levels, Turning Points, Alerts for big 100-300 points move in Nifty  in near term, Low risk and high profit Entry levels, Stoploss and Short Term as well as Medium Term Targets of Nifty. This will be written in so simple English that anyone can understand.

The report will be in the form of PDF document which is readable on any supported Mobile Device and PC. The report will be sent in advance by email (from before 8:30 AM (most probably you will get it by 10:30 PM previous day).

How Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty are going to help you?

After reading my Elliott Wave Analysis Report of Nifty and presentation on chart, you will feel like you already know where Nifty is going to be in next sessions. It boosts the confidence in trading and prevents to take wrong decisions.

  1. Nothing is better than “Elliott Wave Theory” to predict trend reversals, big moves and perfect levels in advance. Elliott Wave Analysis of Nifty will help you to prepare yourself in advance and to take low risk positions for high risk reward ratio. And the most important, it will surely prevent you from heavy losses from wrong trades.
  2. These reports will help you in both Intraday and Positional Trading in Nifty. This will also help you in long term investment decisions as you will also get image of bigger trend in my reports.
  3. The levels suggest by EWT analysis are based on start and completion of waves that can be counted. So targets suggested in my daily Elliott wave analysis reports of Nifty are always final as Nifty has to show those levels if analysis is correct. So there will be no confusion in booking some profit in every 10-15 points move (as most advisors suggest).
  4. Even if you are a analyst but don’t use Elliott Wave Theory, it can help you get more perfection in your predictions.

Nifty Elliott Wave Analysis for Nifty Option Traders

Getting profit from options is really difficult and most of traders lose all their capital in just one trade. Option trading is profitable only when you expect at least 100-150 points move in next 1-3 sessions. And nothing is better than EWT to predict those big moves. So, my “Elliott Waves Analysis Report of Nifty” will surely help you to take low risk positions in Nifty Options.

Cost / Charges of Subscribing Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty

You can subscribe for “Elliott Wave Analysis Report of Nifty” by paying : –

  • Rs. 2100/Month
  • Rs. 5000/03 Months
  • Rs. 9500/06 Month

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Disclaimer:  Subscribe for these “Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty” only if you understand and accepts following disclaimers. Please read carefully:

1. These analysis reports I prepare mainly for my “Books subscribers” to show them practically how I am applying the same EWT rules on real time charts to analyze market which they read in book so that they can understand better and learn faster. So, any conclusion, targets, stop loss or trading strategy mentioned in reports is just to show the learners how they can expect market moves and make different and safe trading strategies based on wave counts. Please remember, these conclusion, targets, stop loss and trading strategies are not trading Calls or Trading Recommendations.

2. This analysis report is just for outlook, probabilities and expected markets behavior. Any trade based on these reports is solely your decision. I will not be responsible for any trade, loss or profit.

3. Subscribe only if you feel these report can help you in any way. This service included only “Elliott Wave Analysis Report of Nifty” daily. This service doesn’t include any other type of support during on/off working hours. So, make your decision accordingly.

4. I advise you to go through my analysis reports which I occasionally post on my website to judge if these reports can help you or not. The occasional reports I post on my website are 100% same which I sent to my clients. You can check my previous and further reports at

5. Payment once made will not be refundable. Please clear all the doubts or confusion before making payment.

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