Nifty is at all-time high and making new high every weak now days. Some analysts are warning for big correction or crash from these high levels where as some analysts are claiming higher levels like 9000-10000. Though I posted my detailed long term Elliott Wave Analysis Report of Nifty twice earlier in August and October.

Previous Reports,

But today I am going to represent the further structure of long term Nifty move on single monthly charts with imaginary lines that I am expecting. 

Latest Long term Elliott wave counts of Nifty
Latest Long term Elliott wave counts of Nifty

This is monthly time bar chart of Nifty showing move after 2002. 

This chart shows that Nifty is in 4th lower degree wave 3 till now and 4th lower degree wave 4 and 5 followed by 3rd lower degree wave 4 and 5 followed by 2nd lower degree wave 4 and wave followed by last big wave 4 and 5 is pending before a big major crash as presented and chart. 

The lines/waves on chart are just imaginary structure of Nifty next move and not scaled accurately. I can expect small declines followed by big bounces now onwards till it completes whole Elliott’s Wave Cycle. Tops and bottoms for every rise and decline can only be predicted during progress step by step. 

You can imagine what I am expecting for Nifty for long term by seeing the presentation on chart, if you know some basics of Elliott’s Wave Theory. 


The report is solely technical based on my Elliott Wave Analysis without considering fundamentals. It is not a recommendation for any investment. I am not responsible for any loss or profit if anyone invested considering this report. Please consult your financial adviser before taking any investment decision. 

Elliott Wave Theory is the only tool which indicates the future of market in advance. Nothing is better and more accurate than Elliott Wave Theory to find exact tops, bottoms, perfect entry levels and stoplosses and it works on every time frame including Long Term, Medium Term, Short Term as well as Intraday.

So, Learn Elliott Wave Theory yourself to know the future of Stock Market in advance and to transform to trading into profitable business.


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