Learn Elliott Wave Analysis

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Learn Elliott Wave Analysis with real time practical techniques using principles of Elliott wave theory combined with Wave’s personalities and Fibonacci Calculation to identify every single move of stocks, indexes, commodities and currencies

Learn Elliott Wave Analysis because it is one of the best and most accurate stock market analyzing method which shows the price moves and trend of Stocks, Indexes, Currencies,Commodities or any financial instrument in advance.  

Learn Elliott Wave Analysis because it shows exact tops and bottoms to find low risk and high reward entry levels with exact stop loss and exact targets. 

Learn Elliott Wave Analysis because helps to predict the speed and behavior of next price move which makes your Future and Option trading less risky and more profitable.  

Learn Elliott Wave Analysis  because  Elliott wave theory is not just a technical analysis method but is a natural law and cyclic pattern that every financial instrument 100% follows. 

Learn Elliott Wave Analysis because combination of Elliott Wave Cycles, Elliott Wave Personalities and Fibonacci Calculation keeps you ahead of news, important events and crowd.

Complete Course to Learn Elliott Wave Analysis

I am providing a complete and well planed training course with dedicated support which is more than enough to learn Elliott  wave theory and its application in real time trading. The complete course includes the following:

1.          Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar eBook

The book is written by Deepak Kumar (myself). I am practicing and applying Elliott Wave Theory on Indian Markets especially Nifty since 2011 and now explored my whole practical experience in this book with lots of real time charts and example for every pattern and conditions to help anyone Learn Elliott Wave Analysis easily.

Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar

Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar

This  eBook is of 65 pages in PDF format readable in any PC, Laptop or mobile device on any PDF reader (Size 1300 KB). This eBook covers every basic as well as advance aspect of Elliott Wave Theory with lots of example on real time charts of Nifty and Indian Stocks coupled with my personal experience of 04 years. This book took more than 120 days to complete and is capable of make you able to apply Elliott  Wave Principles in daily trading within a week. The topics covered in book are: –

  1. Wave’s Cycle and Basic Rules of Elliott Wave Theory
  2. Fibonacci Ratios
  3. Personality and Calculation of Waves
  4. Extended Waves and Failure Wave
  5. Types of Corrections
  6. Diagonal Triangles
  7. Alternations
  8. Channeling
  9. Mandatory Rules, Exceptional Rules and Observations
  10. Trading with Elliott’s Wave Principles
  11. Author’s Advice 

Please read Frequently Asked Questions about Elliott Wave Theory for more information about this eBook and Elliott Wave Theory.

2.          Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty and Indian Stocks (02* / 06** Months) 

I know what difficulties you can face in learning Elliott wave analysis and using Elliott Wave Principles practically in real trading. Though this eBook “Practical Application of Elliott’s Waves Principles by Deepak Kumar “is enough to learn every expect of Elliott Wave Theory but it may take time to explore patterns on charts and remembering calculations.

That’s why, I am providing Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty Daily and Indian Stocks (occasionally if I prepare)  for 02* / 06** months  with the eBook as training support to show practically how I am applying the same rules on live charts whatever you learned in book. These analysis reports of live market will help you to learn and understand Elliott Wave Theory faster by seeing it practically and comparing results.

Any average analyst can count waves, identify pattern and give examples on old charts but it is challenging to identify patterns on live charts in advance.So, I am providing you live and practical training through my analysis reports. See the sample report below: –

I am already providing my analysis reports of Nifty for Rs. 2100 per months but you will get it free for 02* / 06** months with eBook. 

3.          Fibonacci Calculators for Elliott Wave Analysis

Learn Elliott Wave Analysis by applying principles of Elliott wave theory on real charts

Fibonacci Calculator

I am also providing Free Fibonacci Calculator prepared in Excel Sheet for faster and easier calculation of waves. This calculator can calculate all the retracements and projections from 23% to 561% within seconds with just a click that saves lots of time and effort. And you need not to remember all Fibonacci Ratios as everything is given in this calculator that makes it easy to remember and calculate.

4.              Life Time Updates of Elliott Wave Theory 

I will provide life time updates on EWT till I am alive and till I am analyzing market. I am an active trader and trainer and use Elliott Wave Theory to analyze markets every day. So, I will add you in my “Lifetime Updates” group and will mail you updates whenever I find something new. 

Cost of Complete Service

Analysts charges Rs.18,000-40,000 to teach Elliott Wave Theory but still majority of people fail to Learn Elliott Wave Analysis satisfactorily. I am providing well planned, most practical and complete course to Learn Elliott Wave Analysis at Lowest Price. You will get “Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar eBook” with Fibonacci Calculator, 02* / 06** months Elliott Wave Analysis Reports and Lifetime Updates by paying : –

  • Rs. 4500/-* only with Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty for 02 Months
  • Rs. 9500/-** only with Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty for 06 Months

Non-Indians can pay $79 by using PayPal for the same. PayPal email deemar1304@gmail.com

Click Here to know what subscribers/clients says about this course “Practical Application of Elliott Wave Analysis by Deepak Kumar” .

“Human tendency stops us to take right decisions in trading business. We are eager to risk hard earned money in stock market immediately but we don’t have time to learn. We are willing to risk and lose Rs. 1,00,000 in a month but we hesitate to invest just 5% on life long learning the methods to succeed. We are ready to pay Rs.10,000 to tips provider blindly but don’t want to learn yourself.

But the truth is, “You can never make money on other’s advice” even if you get 80% correct advice and it is universal truth. So, don’t hesitate to learn and don’t hesitate to communicate. Just pick your phone and email me, call me or WhatsApp me. I will guide you through right path to Learn Elliott Wave Theory which is most most reliable and accurate stock market analyzing method.”


You must Read This before buying this book:  Why You Must Learn Elliott Wave Analysis from Deepak Kumar

Any Question? Any Query? Any Doubt? 

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Deepak Kumar. Better to email  at sweeglu@gmail.com for detailed response.

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