Elliott Wave Training

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Bangalore:  16-18 Nov 2019 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), 10 Seats

Venue: Golden square, JP Nagar, Bengaluru

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Charges:  Rs. 35000 per Person (Inclusive of all taxes)

Registration Fee Rs. 10000 (advance) and Rs. 25000 at Workshop

***It is recommended to confirm registration as early as possible because we are not accepting more than 10 Clients per workshop to facilitate dedicated One on One Coaching. Furthermore, we wiil be sending study material and Nifty Analysis Reports daily after confirmation of registration so that you can prepare before attending the workshop.

Contact:  Deepak Kumar at 8082165121(Mobile/WhatsApp)

Host/Trainer:  Deepak Kumar and Vinod Sharma

City/Places:  Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad

Maximum Students:  12 (One on One Coaching)

About Trainers:

Deepak Kumar is Elliott Wave Theory Practitioner, Analyst, Trainer and author of most practical book on Elliott Wave Theory, “Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principle by Deepak Kumar”. He is practicing and teaching Elliott Wave Theory since 2014 and also providing his detailed Elliott Wave analysis reports to many professional traders/investors and brokers.  He is one who applied Elliott Wave Theory even on 5 minutes chart and posting his detailed work and analysis reports on his personal blog since 2014 with complete transparency. His work of last 5 year can be checked on his personal blog (Sweeglu Elliott Waves).

Vinod Sharma is personally trained Elliott Wave Analyst by Deepak Kumar and working in association with Deepak Kumar since 2016. He is also analyzing Bank Nifty on daily basis and positing his detailed analysis frequently on his personal blog since 2016. He is providing detailed Elliott Wave analysis reports of Bank Nifty to professional Traders and Brokers since 2017. His work of last 02 years can be checked on his personal blog www.ewanalyst.com


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Most of the Workshops will of 3 days on Weekends (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Saturday and Sunday will be Concepts Learning and Monday will be Practice Days during Live Market Hours. Timings will be: – 

Saturday :         10:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Sunday :           09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Monday  :          09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

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I understand that Elliott Wave Theory or any other analysis method cannot be learned in just 3 days and practical experience cannot be gained in just 1 practice session, it needs continuous support. So, I am providing further support and Free Services for further support.

FREE Nifty and Bank Nifty Analysis for 03 Months: Students will get detailed “Nifty and Bank Nifty Analysis Reports daily by email” and “Live Updates of Nifty and Bank Live Updates through WhatsApp” FREE for 03 months. These Analysis Reports and Live Updates will help Students to understand Elliott Wave Theory practically and faster by seeing how I am analysing Nifty and Bank Nifty using the same rules and Principles. Live Updates will help students to understand how waves to be counted and how low risk trades can be planned based on Elliott Wave Analysis.

These Services alone cost Rs. 18000, moreover very rare trainers provides such details analysis reports for such period of time as such low cost. These Free services for 3 months will speedup the learning process.

Life Time Support: There will be Life Support through phone and email for queries regarding Learning Elliott Wave Theory. Students can ask about any doubts if there is any difficulty in understanding concepts. Students can send me their practice charts for my observation and guidance anytime in future. Every query will be answered personally by Deepak Kumar.

Note: Queries regarding doubts and practice charts will only be answered. If you practice/prepare charts yourself and send me by email then I will observe and reply back with my guidance. I will not reply if student just send the name of any script and ask me for analysis.

Scope for Further Learning: We are posting our Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty and Bank Nifty regularly on my blog once or twice a week. So, students have access to my future analysis through my blog even after completion of 3 months Free Service. Furthermore, whenever I see the formation of any important pattern on Nifty/Bank charts and whenever I prepare analysis report of any stock, the same will be sent to all my Students. 


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Major Topic: Elliott Wave Theory / Analysis:

Elliott Wave Theory is not just a combination of 5 upside wave (12345) and 3 downside waves (abc) which you read in Books or in Web Articles. But Elliott Wave Theory  is a combination of: –

1. Elliott Wave Cycle
2. Elliott Wave Personalities
3. Fibonacci Calculations
4. Elliott Wave patterns

1. Wave Cycle is a base of Elliott Wave Theory or we can say it is the road map of this analysis method. You cannot counts waves without having understanding of Elliott Wave Cycle. EW cycle helps us to identify the current position of price within a wave cycle to get the idea of next wave. 

2. Wave’s Personalities actually means the general behaviour of the waves. Every wave has its own personalities and understanding of these personalities can help us to confirm our wave counts. These personalities also give us the idea about the nature/speed of next move.

3. Wave Pattern represents the structure of a wave and it shows the position of price within the wave. Every wave has its own definite patterns with definite rules which help us to identify if a waves is completed or not. It also gives an idea about general trend and indicates where a particular wave is going to complete so that we can estimate trend reversal and next move.

4. Fibonacci Ratios helps to calculate minimum/maximum limit of the waves. Every wave has its own set of Fibonacci Projections and Retracement limits which help us to calculate estimated completion of waves. We can calculate low risk entry levels, minimum targets and stoploss because of Fibonacci Ratios only. Fibonacci Calculations works only when used with Elliott Waves.

Every of this study/part has different purpose but if we learn the tricks to analyse a chart by combining all these four studies then every single move of market can be calculated and understood. Chart Analysis done by combining all these four studies is actually called Elliott Wave Analysis.

This workshop will be about understanding Elliott Wave Cycle, Elliott Wave Personalities, Elliott Wave Patterns and Fibonacci Calculations and then learning the techniques and tricks to combine all these studies to analyse and predict market more efficiently.

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1. Wave’s Cycle and Basic Rules of Elliott Wave Theory
2. Fibonacci Ratios
3. Breakdown of Elliott Wave Theory
    a. Personalities of Waves
    b. Fibonacci Calculation of Waves
    c. Elliott Wave Patterns
        i. Impulse
       ii. Leading Diagonal Triangle
      iii. Ending Diagonal Triangle
      iv. Simple Zigzag Correction
       v. Irregular Correction
      vi. 3-3-5 Flat Correction
     vii. Complex Correction
          a) Double Zigzag
          b) Triple Zigzag
4. Extended Waves and Failure Wave
5. Alternation

Tricks and Techniques to Apply EWT Practically

1. Combining the Patterns and Fibonacci Ratios
2. Importance of 38% Retracement
3. Alternate Wave Conditions and Reflex Point
4. Some Important Techniques to Count Waves in Difficult Conditions
5. Failure of Elliott Wave Analysis
6. Trading with Elliott’s Wave Principle
7. Using Time Frames in Elliott Wave Analysis
8. Identifying Multi-Bagger Stocks with Elliott Wave Analysis
9. Identify sharp/quick moves using Personalities of Waves.
10. Practicing Elliott Wave Analysis

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1. Practical Knowledge of other Major Technical Analysis and Technical Indicators

A small session for practical knowledge of other Technical Analysis Methods/Indicators will be conducted. Method/Indicators like Wolf Wave, RSI, MACD, Price Action, Open Interest, and Trend Lines will be covered.
Elliott wave theory is a complete and independent analysis method which doesn’t need any help from any of these TA methods/indicators but still I will explained their practical use to show how Elliott Wave Theory is different than all the other Technical Analysis Methods.

2. Trade Setups, Trading Psychology and Risk Management:

A session on “Trade Planning in Different market conditions” and “Risk Management” will be conducted. No matter how good the analysis is, traders can still lose if there is no proper planning and Risk Management. So, important point about Trade Setups and Risk Management will be discussed. Trade Setup for Cash, Futures and Options will be covered.

3. Analysis Tools and Resources:

There are many free Charting Applications, Analysis Tools and Resources available which are even better than paid tools. I will explain about all the tools and applications I personally use for Analysis.

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Students/Attendees will have complete understanding of Elliott Wave Theory without any confusion after completion of workshop. There are myths that Elliott Wave Theory is confusing Stock Market Analysis method but actually it is most organised, accurate and effective analysis method. People find it tough because there is lack of complete/accurate knowledge but Deepak Kumar will share all his Practical knowledge with his personal tricks and techniques. 

Students/Attendees will be able to apply Elliott Wave Rules and Principle on any chart of any financial script, let it be any Stock, Index, Commodity or Currency. Student will get idea of further price movement even by looking at chart. 

Students/Attendees will be able to predict Intraday, short term, medium term and longs term price movement all together with most effective Low Risk Entry Range, Stoploss and Target. Students will be able to plan their own High Rewarding Trading/Investment Decisions with Lowest Risk for any time frame with a Single Analysis method. Moreover Students will have idea about when to trade and when not to trade. 

Students/Learners will be able to predict the effect of any Important Political/economical news or event well in advance. Elliott Wave Patterns and Elliott Wave Personalities indicate mass psychology which helps Elliott Wave analyst to get idea of effect of any news or events well in advance.   

It is very important for long term investors to know how much a stock can rise and from where it is going to start major correction. Students will have idea about how much a stock can move from current price and same will help them to make most profitable investment decisions. 

Learners will be able to predict the Nature/Speed of next move. Having idea about the speed and nature of further move is very important for Options Buyers and Sellers. Elliott Wave Analysis helps immensely to plan Low Risk High Reward Option trades. 

Trades based on Elliott Wave Analysis give minimum 1:3 risk reward. So, traders will be in reasonable profit even if they are right at indentifying the pattern 40%-50% of the time. 

Students will be able to predict market moves with just a Single Analysis method. Elliott Wave Theory is a Complete and Independent analysis method which doesn’t need support from any other TA method or indicators, alone Elliott Wave Theory is capable to meet all Stock Market Analysis requirements. 

Moreover, Elliott Wave Theory is less technical and more psychological. Learners will understand the psychology, reality and limits of stock market which is very important for everyone who want to enter in this field. Understanding Elliott Wave Theory is beneficial for everyone trader and investors, it will make you a professional trader/investors. 

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I am not going to make any unrealistic promise here, many people ask about Accuracy of Elliott Wave Analysis but this question is not applicable on any Stock Market Analysis Method. Accuracy is always of Analyst, not of Analysis Methods. Analysis Methods always works but it is the Analysts who do wrong or right analysis.

As Elliott Wave Theory is concerned, Market 100% follows Elliott Wave Patterns and there is no doubt about it. But it is the analyst who needs to develop skills to identify right patterns. Being right 100% of the time is not possible, we are human and we tend to make mistakes.

But I can assure, you can make huge profits even if you are right at identifying the pattern even 40%-50% of the time because of its great Risk/Reward provided perfect trade planning and Risk Management. Otherwise there is no limit, it depends on your level of intelligence, Common Sense and Reasoning Abilities, and you can achieve even better accuracy than me.

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Anyone who is having some basic knowledge of Stock Market or who has been trading/investing for quite some time can attend the workshop. Otherwise I planned content in such a way that even a newbie will be able to understand. Those who have doubts can contact me, so that I can access your position and can guide accordingly.

Student must have Laptop/PC for efficient Elliott Wave Analysis. Elliott wave analysis is all about reading charts and charts can be read and analysed better on big screen only. It is better if student bring his/her own Laptop in the workshop for efficient practice.

Please Contact Deepak Kumar at 8082165121 (Mobile/WhatsApp) for further queries.